Monday, September 3, 2012

Self Reflection

I am very excited to begin working with students using the Ipads and Ipods. I also can't wait to start putting together resources using Diigo. As for a particular activity, we will be beginning a unit of colors very shortly. Students will be creating a picture and a sentence of something that is a particular color. Then students will be using Animoto to create a "color storybook".

Students in today's world are very much digital learners. Many students learn how to use a computer mouse before they can talk. I plan to incorporate technology into the classroom in an everyday capacity. In other words, using technology will not be something that is done only on special occasions, but something that occurs on a daily basis in the classroom. Becoming technology literate is essential for students as they grow and enter into a society that relies so heavily on technology.

There wasn't anything that necessarily surprised me, but I did learn a lot about tools that I didn't necessarily know were out there before. I am excited to continue researching digital resources that can aid student learning in my classroom.

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  1. It is quite amazing how these new generations are born with technology on hand. And yes, I liked that you mention that many students can click a mouse before talking... just sharing... technology has turned out to be a great communication tool for those who have a lot to say and lack speech.