Thursday, August 2, 2012

Technology Tools Within the Classroom

I am new to the district and my school is in the process of being renovated (I will not have classroom access until August 16) so I do not know exactly what technology devices I will have access to. Therefore, I am going to speak in hypothetical terms at this point.

How would I use these devices in my classroom?

Netbook--A class set of these could be used to access instructional websites (Starfall.com comes to mind right now). Because of the webcam capabilities, they could also be used to Skype with our sister class during  our weather unit (see previous post).

Ipod--In PreK, we do not have specials teachers to teach PE or Music. The Ipod would be a great way to organize the music needed for these activities. Having the ability to create playlists for a specific day or activity would eliminate the time wasted trying to forward through to the right song on a CD.

Ipad--As an owner of an Ipad, I can personally attest to the multitude of wonderful apps that are out there, many of which are free. With an Ipad, I could download apps based on a specific skill we are working on. Having 3 or 4 Ipads would allow me to focus on a skill in small group. I am not sure of the capabilities of the Active Board, but if possible, the Ipad might also be hooked up to the Active Board to allow for whole group instruction when introducing a new skill.

Technology can be a wonderful thing. I hope that I will have the opportunity to have at least 1 (or all!) of these tools in my classroom!!

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