Thursday, August 2, 2012

Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices as Tools for Learning

1. It is important to tie in technology to the objectives because the ability to use and master technology is essential for today's students. As educators, it is our job to teach students these skills that they will need to be successful later on.

2. Holding students accountable for their learning is essential in every classroom. It is human nature to rise only to what is expected of us. This holds true for children as well. If no accountability is required, students will accomplish little, as very little is expected of them. The purpose of learning centers is to reinforce the concepts being taught. Having students be accountable for their learning while there encourages students to stay on task.

3. I really liked studyladder.com. It had many relevant activities for students in PreK. This would be a great website for students to go to in a teacher guided small group and later on in centers (using the laptops). Students can be held accountable by registering the class on the website. I might also ask students to write or draw a picture of something they did on the website.

I also liked TES iboard. There are many good interactive lessons that can be used on the Active Board. Once students are comfortable using the Active Board and rules have been established, this can become a learning center. Again, I would ask students to write or draw a picture of something that they practiced on the Active Board.

4. I love, love, love the Ipad! Two apps that I found that I really enjoy are "Animal Preschool Circus" and "Abby-Basic Skills Preschool". Both have free versions, and to access the full content is only $1.99.  I would typically use the Ipads in a teacher-led small group. I would be monitoring and guiding students, therefore they would be held accountable for their work on these apps.

5. Ipads can also be used as research tools. For instance during a unit on structures, students can use the Ipad to find images of different kinds of buildings. They can also use the blocks in the block center to create their own structures, then use the Ipad to take a picture of that structure. Students can then compile these images into a digital photostory or animoto story.

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  1. Great to know Study Ladder has activities for the Pre-K classroom! Looking forward to seeing your students use the iPad as a camera tool as well as for the apps! There are also some great apps - like Audioboo or Fotobabble where students could make voice recordings about an image they have taken. How powerful to have students actually explain their learning!