Thursday, July 26, 2012

Using Web Tools

I actually already use a lot of online social networking tools so I enjoyed learning about more that are available to me. In my previous district, I used Edmodo quite a bit to facilitate discussion among my students on topics that we were studying. I also use sites such as Pinterest to bookmark ideas for future lessons.

I explored Diigo.com and found that it was very much like Pinterest. I was able to create lists in order to organize my bookmarks and then could bookmark the sites that I want to refer back to. I particularly liked the fact that I could use the "sticky notes" to make annotations of things I wanted to remember. I plan to use Diigo to organize resources that I want to use for my units of study in PreK.

Example of Diigo (My goal is to create lists of each unit of study)

I also have been becoming more comfortable with Blogger. My goal this year is to create my own PreK blog to serve as a weekly newsletter. Parents can use it to find out what we worked on throughout the week, as well as what we will be focusing on in the near future. I also plan on linking educational websites on my blog that parents might find helpful.

Mrs. Mahabir's PreK Blog

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